This blockchain project finished.
The idea of creating a discount club for crypto-enthusiasts turned out to be wrong.

Low demand from the community, funds and pools

Only a few tourists bought tokens to buy the club membership.
We extended the term of one month, trying to sell tokens through pools. But none of the pools did not sell our tokens, three of them sent a review: "Blockchain is not needed in this project."
The only fund that was interested in CCWT and had an investment agreement, in view of the situation, also agreed with the lack of prospects.

The market

The market is extremely negative right now.

The result

Therefore, in this regard, we see no point in issuing tokens - in these conditions, We suppose, when entering the stock exchange, the price of them will drop to zero.

For buyers and partners

We will compensate money to all buyers of our tokens or provide membership in the club of their choice.
To those who helped us, we will provide vouchers for many years of membership in the club, sufficient for themselves, all their friends and acquaintances, and even for sale.
We will do this before December 15, 2018.
You can ask questions to our Telegram group, which will work at least until the end of 2019.

The Future

The company - operator of tokens will be dissolved. The first service company will continue to book hotels at cost. It already works and serves tourists.
For those interested, examples of prices, calculations and a description of the business model are described below.

Thanks and apologies

We thank everyone who was interested in our project and helped us.
We did our best to make it happen. We are sorry that we did not succeed.

On behalf of the team, Pavel Malyshev and Shura Zhukova

Traveler savings money

According to the official statistics of Booking Holdings, the average room night cost is $ 100.1.

The calculation of savings per year is for a typical tourist who travels 15 nights per year.

Year Benefit, $
1 82
2 90
3 98
4 105
5 113
6 120
Total 607

Business model

Our business model is reflected in the formula ClearCost = Cost price + membership fee. Cost price is the price of a wholesaler + a minimum charge to cover our expenses (not more than 4.85%, where more than half of the payment is a card-acquiring fee). We have no marketing and advertisement expenses (that can be up to 15% of the turnover cost), because our buyers are members of the club.

The volume of the market amounted to $1.3 trillion dollars in 2017. Remarkably, the common share of the two largest players accounts for only 17% of the market, so it leaves significant room for the growth and development of other companies, such as ClearCost.